what does time look like?


ICATIME is a workshop that expands our collective imagery of the passage of time, both on an individual or an organizational level, and it is related to a fascinating collection of drawings on how people visualize time. The workshop is offered in three increasing levels of complexity, from sketching to prototyping, that can be done singularly or all together for a more complex and complete experience. Send your drawing!

Take a look to Icatime participation to Festival delle Scoperte 2020 that this year deals with the concept of time and how this relates to scientific research and our everyday experiences.


Individuals and teams


Camilla Torna

Step 1

MAP TIME / Individual sketch

Max: 20 participants
Target: age 5 – 99

15 minutes to draw a personal sketch about “what Time looks like”.
Even if you never thought about it before, you will probably draw something immediately, as if you always knew, what time “looks like” for you. What emerges is an unexpected variety of visuals, ranging from minimal abstractions to complex symbolic forms.

Step 2

SHAPE TIME / Individual prototype

Max: 20 participants
Target: age 5 – 99

30 minutes to develop a prototype with objects.
Choose your objects from a suitcase full of unusual items and combine them to physically represent how you feel the passage of time. When everybody has finished, each participant describes her prototype and the meaning of each item.

Step 3

DEVELOP TIME / Team prototype

Max: 20 participants
Target: age 5 – 99

90 minutes to develop a collective prototype with objects.
ICATIME is also a participatory design tool motivating collective visual reflection. The team now has to physically represent their collective perception of passage of time. The difficult aspect is to co-create a common imagery of Time. At the end each group describes its prototype and the meaning of the items.