A collection of drawings and sketches that visualize how people perceive the passage of time: many draw something immediately, as they always had it clear in their mind, but also say that they had never thought about it before. What emerges is an unexpected variety of visuals ranging from minimal abstractions (dots), to lines, to circles and surfaces, and beyond to to complex symbolic forms.

The database is organized by the different age groups and categories: abstraction, metaphor, symbol, nature, sequence, cartoon. The abstract section is by far the most complex and is probably the one that best explains the almost immediate perception and the physics of time for many people – almost a synopsis.

In June 2009 Visualizing Time was present with a video at the interdisciplinary conference Archetime in New York. The curator of the conference and exhibition, artist Olga Ast, has also invited Icastic to contribute a chapter in the book Infinite Instances.

“Reflections on time” / Fred Swift Physics World (articolo in ITALIANO)
ArcheTime was not the usual conference for physicists only. The June 2009 event, organized by conceptual artist Olga Ast, collected more than 70 people of very different backgrounds, artists, philosophers, writers, photographers, movie directors in addition to scientists of course. Along lectures and workshops, an exhibition >>> READ MORE

“Così si disegna il tempo che passa” / Paolo Fallai Corriere della Sera
Camilla Torna raccoglie su Internet la «visualizzazione della vita quotidiana»: schizzi, tratti a matita, elaborazioni più complesse. Avete un’idea di come si possa visualizzare il tempo che passa? Riuscite a vedere un segno, una immagine, un’icona che possa rappresentare lo scorrere delle ore e dei giorni? >>> READ MORE

“Le site du jour : Le temps passe…” / Astrid Girardeau Libération
Depuis le milieu des années 90, Camilla Torna demande à ses amis et rencontres de dessiner comment ils voient le passage du temps. Aujourd’hui, cette graphiste florentine, exilée à New York, a prolongé l’idée sur Internet avec le projet Visualizing Time où elle invite chacun à proposer sa vision >>> READ MORE

“Visualizing Time” / Graham Atwell Pontydysgu, Educational Research Institute
And now for something completely different. I am fascinated by the possibilities of using computers for visualising complex data and – even more so – ideas (more on this soon). We have been messing with this in a couple of >>> READ MORE

“L’ora di internet” / Paola Parmendola
Icastic Visualizing Time, come vedete il passare del tempo? Non è affatto facile rispondere alla domanda di Camilla Torna, information designer, che dal 1995 circa chiede ad amici e conoscenti di disegnare la propria idea del trascorrere del tempo. Nonostante ciò, in tanti hanno trovato la giusta ispirazione >>> READ MORE