graphic design

as one of the elements of a dynamic system of communication

ICASTIC is a design studio started by Camilla Torna in Florence in 2006. We create
1. visual identity graphic design and infographic projects for institutions active in the fields of art, culture, education and classical music
2. strategic design customized visualizations and tools for professional coaches to help organizations envision a larger picture for the current time and for the future


The name ICASTIC is inspired by Plato’s distinction between icastic and fantastic art: the former representing reality, the latter representing the imaginary. ICASTIC means effective, vivid, graphic; Italo Calvino, in Six Memos for the next Millenium, warns about the danger of losing “a fundamental human capability: the power to envision with closed eyes, allowing images to crystallize in a well-defined, memorable, self-sufficient, ‘icastic’ form”.